This class is designed for ages 4-9 yrs. Students learn the basic ballet positions and technique. This class focuses more on ballet. Creative Dance is mixed in to keep the class fun and light. 

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May 12



19 - 21

Spring Hip Hop


Begins MARCH 19

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 (Classes under Sunset Hills)

Spring Ballet 


 begins mar 14​​

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Theme is "Greatest Movie Classics"!!


 Tiny Tots / Pre-Ballet Year-End Recital

This class is crazy fun for K - 5th grade. The kids are given a chance to express themselves, and learn choreography to popular music for a performance they will present at the end of the session.

Pre-Ballet/Creative Dance

Tiny Steps Dance Co.

Next Hip Hop Session Begins

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Hip Hop

This camp is designed for ages 4 1/2-12 yrs. Students learn choreography to a mash-up of popular songs that they will perform on the last day. They will have a break for snack and game.

Tiny Tots




Inspiring young minds to dream is what dance is about. Class themes are chosen with student's likes and interests in mind. Choreography is

sprinkled with imagination to keep dances feeling fun while learning. Recitals are quick and easy on dancers and busy families.

"Building confidence is so important.  I can't think of a better gift that I could give to my students, than self-confidence that they can use for all their life experiences." ~Ms. Lana

This class is designed for ages 2.5 -4 yrs. Students are introduced to the beginning ballet positions. The focuses is more on Creative Dance to keep the young dancer's attention.

Pre-Ballet & Tiny Tots Spring II Begins. 

Ms. Lana Patel

Hip Hop Summer Camp

Welcome to the Tiny Steps Dance Co. where the focus is on the young, beginning dancer. Inspiring young minds to dream is where we begin. Classes are packed with technique, but sprinkled with imagination to keep them feeling fun and light. Building confidence is our next focus. 

Class sizes are small so that the dancers can get the individual attention and instruction they need to improve their technique. With small class sizes and short mini-recitals, every child can feel like a star! 10-14 students is the limit for all Pre-Ballet, Tap, and Tiny Tots classes. 16 is the limit for Hip Hop. Prices are reasonable, so that all students can have a chance to learn dance and have fun trying something new. The costumes are affordable too. Costumes typically cost $10 - $38 per recital, while other studios often charge $80 or more. All recitals and rehearsals are quick and easy for busy families. Low stress. No competitions. Just  fun and dancing!!

All classes are held in Rancho  Penasquitos at Rose-Ritchie Academy  or Sunset Hills Elementary.